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Re: Lovers

Originally Posted by scrapartoz View Post
Looking good Garry . Please continue to show progress shots . i am interested in your technique .
I wasn't sure if I should post this here, or in "construction and techniques", since it was brought up in this thread, I decided to just add it here,.. I put together a html doc,
This piece is similar to the other, that got ruined with the acid,same theme, different stone, so it is pretty easy, I all ready have the idea pretty clear in my head.

(you can click the image to see it), I am pretty tired right now, but later when I have a chance, I will change the html, to the bb code, and put it in the "construction and techniques" topics. There also is some more I would like to add,..if I can find the time.
For now,for anyone that is interested, the image.
From Garry
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