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Re: Lovers

Thanks, however, unfortunately, this turned into a disaster, I am so mad at myself !!!
I had it looking ok, and was ready to start sanding and polish it,...well often with onix,and treventine I wash the stone with muriatic acid, before I start sanding, in some cases especially with the onix, we don't really "polish", just a little sanding up to 120 grit, then wash with acid, the acid brings out the colors nicely, and that is it,.. How ever on this piece, as I mentioned I was/am not sure what kind of stone it is, any way, I had put it in a bucket, and poured acid on it,..before I knew it was foaming so much, ...much more then normal, I was unable to just stick my hand in and pull it out, because I did not have any rubber gloves on ,nor handy, usually they are not really necessary, so any way , I dumped the bucket, to get the piece out, and poured clean water over it, to get the acid off,but it was to late, it almost completely desolved,!!! it looks horrible,...I may take a photo today,..just to show what the acid did, stupid on my part, I should have checked with just a little, first to see how it reacted,...actually the acid, I don't use very often, for my figures, it is not really part of my "technique",...oh well, we learn from our mistakes,.. Now I have a client that wants a angel, and am using a white marble, mined here in Mexico,.. I got it "roughed" in yesterday, also hope fully I will show some photo of it later tonight.
On this piece, I had not done any drawing, or anything, it just sort of came into my head, I had started cutting on the stone, to see how it worked,and what it looked like, more on the inside, as I cut more away, I got the idea, and just kept going "whittleing" so to speak,..... usually, like with this angel, I have some drawings, or photos, then I draw rough sketches on each side of the stone, according to the view,.. then I make cuts, that will allow me to chisle, or "break" away, the most material I can, to get the "rough in" or basic shape, after that mostly either the grinder,and grinding cups, or the die grinder and burrs, for smaller areas,..then sanding and polishing,..I very rarely use the old fashioned "paper" sand paper any more,..these diamond sanding pads are great, they ;ast along time to, and the sanding goes so much faster. got to run now,
From Garry
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