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Looking for art to feature in a book

I'm writing a book on 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft. If you know of anyone doing incredible things with this combination please send them my way. There is a good chance I have them in the book already, but I would rather have scouts out there helping me look. Also need what is below, if anyone has them. I'm happy to credit the artist or vendor in the cutline of the photograph.

I'm also looking for photographs of the following.
1. Pointing up process- It is so amazing how hard it is to find good old photographs of this process.

2. I'd like a crisp clean photograph of a few waxes ( same wax) and the cast bronze. It is for a chapter on "the foundry of the future" and the comparisons.

3. I'm searching for some photographs that document sand casting. Again quality photographs with some great work as well.

The 3 things above do not use 3D Technology, it is just to document the traditional bronze process and how 3D technology is entering in.

That is it for now, but as I continue I'm sure I will find more. Thanks for your help.

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Digital Sculpting You can also find a lot of information about this on my creativesculpture blog

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