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Re: Venus

I do like the lines in the work, Mark. It is particularly striking that the lines dominate the work more fully in the finished bronze. With the model, the realism dominates, with the result that the finished product is more like an art object than the former, which reminds me of an anatomical exercise.

The work is reminiscent, for me, of Art Deco figurines, as is the pose and hair styling, with the difference that in Art Deco the styling is more pronounced.

I have to admit to now being very sceptical about the representation of the female figure in art, especially when it is men doing the representing. For many years now the feminist tradition in the UK has been educating the eye to some of the inherent manipulations that the male inflicts on the female body in the precess of envisaging it. Some time ago a British novelist, Jeanette Winterson, wrote about Tracy Emin's etchings and drawings of the female figure, and spoke of the 'frustration of the male gaze' that Emin attempts in her work. I think this is important: the 'male gaze' has been acquisitive and has a history of 'objectification' of the female form. And I fear that, in the end, I feel the 'aren't I sexy' pose of this figure is aimed at just this male gazing.
From the carver actually known as Sam Bell
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