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Re: Venus

On the basis that you've read enough sheer admiration, I would add the following question and comment:

Question: I can admire the skill and craft, but what are your aesthetic objectives here?

Comment: Those breasts look like they are silicon-implanted to me, and you seem to strive towards a kind of physical perfection in the figure (even in the moulding technique you seem to wish to deny the presence of technique). The end effect for me is a sense of unreality, and perhaps even, in pose, form and manner, of cliche. I personally have a preference for REAL women, and if I want to be turned on it's the imperfections of real woman that are part of the magic. I find what you are doing completely unsexy, even though I have the gut feeling that you are setting out to create a sexy figure. Or perhaps what I mean here is that I find these figures sexy in the same way I find supermodels in glossy mags sexy....
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