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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

Without the scribblers Michelangelo’s sculptures are just funny lookin’ rocks. History, criticism, theory, poetry - activates artifact (and artifice) and lifts it to the realm of art.
Sorry Paws, but that is the weakest thing you've written. Art was made, classical 2d and 3d, because most people couldn't write, or read. Only recently have words played an important role in some art creations and makings. Here are statements written by David Smith: "Art is made without words. It doesn't need words to explain it or encourage its making." ...
"Perception through vision is a highly accelerated response, so fast, so complex, so free that it cannot be pinned down by the very recent limited science of word communication. To understand a work of art, it must be seen and perceived, not worded. Words can be used to place art historically, to set it in social context, to describe the movements, to relate it to other works, to state individual preferences, and to set the scene all around it. But the actual understanding of a work of art only comes through the process by which it was created—and that was by perception."
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