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Re: Copyright Law

Probably one interesting thing is I submitted a copyright application and fee etc 18 MONTHS ago, was told all was well and waited.
after a year went by I emailed and asked what was happening, they said I would receive the certificate in the mail. Wait some more, emailed and was told the same thing, here we are a year and a half and I wrote asking if it normally takes a year and half just to rubber stamp an application and send out a certificate which is nothing more than a copy of the application basically. I received this:

"No it does not normally take this long to process a registration. In fact your workwas cleared for registration in June 2005 and a certificate should have been issued by now. We will once again forrward this information to the appropriate section with the notation that this is your second inquiry and a reply should be expedited. sw
Copyright Office
Library of Congress"

Actually this was my 4th inquiry.
Interestingly enough trademarks etc are said to take 2-3 YEARS to process and I think the fee is $250 or something like that. Also the policy is that once you send your fee for copyright in, if they don't approve the application for any reason- they get to KEEP the money, nice huh?
Pretty typical Govt bureaucracy.
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