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Re: Copyright Law

i will be honest, i did not read all of this, but i beleive from reading a book on copyright for artist, it IS illeagle for a photographer to sell photos of someone elses work unless they are working for the newspapers (fair use law). There are alot of great books in the Art section of the books stores on contracts and copyright for artist. the one book talked of a case in shich a sculptor did a sculpture based on a photo, or vice versa and got sued and lost because of copyright. It was a photo and sculpture aof a guy on a bench with wiener dogs (i know strange, but cool looking)

look at it this way, if you take a photo of someone holding a can of Coke, if they are in the background and the can of coke is not 100% recognizable or not the focus of any thing just in the background you are ok, but if you photo a can of coke in the foreground as the focus you are in violation. notice on tv shows they blur teeshirt logos, you will see that on shows like "real world" or "cops"

In movies they have to block out the letters on products, because without permission you cant show the words COke on the cans label without permission.

now if there is your sculpture is on someones property and then photographed the owner of the property may have a claim , maybe you i dont know.

anyway check out some of the books out there, Oh also if you photo your work and put it on a website, or even print out the photo you may own rights to the 2-D image as well, not sure.

oh, most states offer very cheap legal advice, for about 50$ or less, call the local bar association and see if they offer legal conultations from the local Bar association, I have gotten a 1/2 hour for 50$ in FL this way, and in Philly it used to be free.
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