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Re: Why these strong opinions?

thanks cheesepaws your explaining the strange maniquins has me seeing them in a different way then before. i still dont like them but i can see that there can be more than meets the eye in a lot of these works. and its not up to you or anybody to tell me what or why they are. i have to figure this out on my own i guess. i am sorry if i have been obnoxious to you or anybody elles. what you have told me about the maniquins. and how there scale could suggest a power hierarchy based on age or gendered is largely imagined. did someone tell you this or did you read it somewhere or is this your personal interpertation of them. i think it makes sence but it is something i would have never thought of . when someone goes to see sculptures like this in a gallery does the artist or someone offer ideas like this as to what a particular piece is. or are you left to your own to figure out what they mean to yourself if anything at all. i actully really like the idea that a sculpture really does not have to be anything for any reason as well as haveing one. thanks for taking time to try and comunacate a little with me chris.
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