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Re: Why these strong opinions?

Cheesepaws was here & I was hoping he'd SAY something, but perhaps he did not have time, or like me had not had coffee yet. Cheeseman jump in any time ol' educator you.
The galleries are trying to make a living, and sometimes you have to create a stir to get people's attention. marketing, I suppose. That's not to say that those pieces in the gallery aren't valid, but sometimes the regulars would want a shot in the arm, so to speak-- thrill me. Just a guess, really.
The traditional design principles i was referring to are use of space--the object in its space doesn't look like a doodle in the middle of a page or something left in a corner accidentally. They command their area and look appropriate. The composition is pleasing to the eye -- there is an ease about the size and flow of the shapes that looks natural, not jarring or like a mistake. though some of the shapes were "invented" they look like they could exist in nature; the proportions are not too regular to look contrived or too wildly different as to look implausible. ( it is, however, okay to combine disparate elements to create an effect or emotion)

Still nursing that cup of coffee. I hope this starts to answer your question. Just keep asking 'til you get the answers you're looking for.
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