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Re: conceptal art

Well Chese, we sculptors have spared the scribblers plenty of embarrassment by keeping our conversations away from the possibilities of publication. They are only half-creatives, so fearful and envious of our manual abilities, that are so significantly attached to matter and Reality. and NO, conceptualization does NOT happen in real time... because Time is just a primitive solution that the meager mind has developed to handle the relating to each other of events. Conceptualization is a state, a constant one, one that the elevated conscience lives-in. When Lewitt or Friedman have a rare conceptual epiphany they are so damned excited that they try to turn it into Art. Its only a shudder for them. A real artist has to fight-off the concepts, select from thousands, weed out the crap...but some attemptors, with enough consciousness to recognize the crap, but not enough vitality to attack, will involve themselves in the theatre and rhetoric that is conseptual Art. If you dont have a proper bullshit-detector in your head...bring a little mirror with you to the art show; your own expression will give you the answer everytime. Evaldart knows what he looks like in any given makes it tough to face them-all sometimes.
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