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Re: conceptal art

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
Not unlike the scribblers.
Evaldart old man, you have written volumes on this forum. Are you sure you are not one of them "scribblers" yerself?

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
My view...its obvious. The planning and predicating of an idea can never BE the Art. In much the same way that the object is not the Art. theres the part that must be handled in real time, the execution...the NOW of it is always the subject and the substance.
Conceptualizing a piece is also done in "real time". An idea can be executed. What you describe as your preferred take on making art sounds very much like objectless conceptual art to me. Especially if you see the final object as being less relevant than the act of making.

A scribbler AND a conceptual artist....a red letter day?
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