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Re: conceptal art

Not unlike the scribblers.

Well, if you want to pay attention to trends and acadamies they'll tell you about how its al about the "planning" and not at all about the execution. But, of course these are the least trustworthy of sources for information about aesthetics (tied tightly to regiments and clique-ism). Sol Lewitt, as the proprietor should be considered the authority, but he was only a hair above meager philosopher...didn't know much about interacting with matter.

My view...its obvious. The planning and predicating of an idea can never BE the Art. In much the same way that the object is not the Art. theres the part that must be handled in real time, the execution...the NOW of it is always the subject and the substance.

Avante-gardists, though entertaining and actually quite necessary, are seasoned in the undertaking of charades... grandoisities that take so many nonsensical shapes and forms that they could easily be mistaken for real Art. Fact is, most of it involves a group mentalia that is likely to squash any genius that might have potential within its members.

Of course, there have been space aliens who unfairly dominated such movements and produced highly significant works...but mostly you get perfessers, rambling on, handless, about scattered and over-verbalized simplicities.

There are those who will feel they need to INCLUDE it, by its variation, pretend they get it...but theres not much to get - theatre is much better (third tier Art).

In all, enjoy it but don't DO it. You'll be disappointed.
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