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Re: Bronze Clay?

Hello Burkhard,
I am really impressed with the amount of research you have done here.
I was doing a google search for Bronze Clay and lucky me. I have been researching this on the side for about 3 years now. I am impressed with Marks process, and especially his work. But when you described the Gasses emitted during the wax burn out, I got a little nervous. But I would still prefer that to investment casting hell.
Let me mention that I have been investment casting on and off for about 5 years and hate every bit of it.But now I have no choice, because I have some projects that require it. So I have been looking at the PMC for about 4 years.
Wondered about using it for Bronze and other alloys, but realized that they would oxidize unless placed in an inert atmosphere.
I have a question: Would it work to place an electric kiln into a vacuum chamber? Wouldnt that make it inert? If I have to use Nitrogen then I will. But I would like to get a clearer picture of how that works?
So to continue, I was a bit nervous with the gasses emmited and wondered why not just use the same binder as the PMC?
Then I read your discovery of the Bentonite formula. Sounds good. I think I have used Bentonite as a sand casting binder??
At any rate, how is the process going now? I was planning to start my experiments by late summer-early fall, but I am really getting so tired of investment casting that I think I am going to push it to a sooner date.
I am working on building a resin casting machine, and I am developing my own alloys, so I am really into helping you all here in working on this.
I am wondering if Mark is very commited to the Wax-Bronze Powder system, or if he is interested in helping with some other methods? I am just trying to find an efficient, consistant, and safe system to sinter Bronze and other alloys.
I currently cast a lot of pewter into silicon. Love the undercuts and freedom. But the choice of alloys is really limited. Its left me with the dreaded investment casting.
Thanks again, and please let me know where your at with the Bentonite Formula?
Thanks Again,
John Hariot

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