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Re: Sculpting vs casting

GlennT there is a foundry available to me in Auckland which is 1200km away. I know 3 Canterbury bronze sculptors who all cast their own work. We New Zealanders are a resourceful bunch(split the atom, climb Everest) so building a foundry is not so big on the scale of things. Besides I enjoy making equipment as much as I enjoy making bronzes. Besides we live on the other side of the earth from everybody. Stuff you take for granted is unavailable to us or costs an arm and a leg.
As to relevance- the corgis were my very first work so I had no history of concept or execution to trade on. You may understand now my excitement at having a public sculpture as my first effort. I add a photo of the corgis on my front lawn before being installed

I still like them
Obviously the dangling of the foundry in front of the selection committee gave the impression that the job would not be as expensive

Katyl I understand now what you meant when you said that you would not see a broken mould in your shop. You meant of course that you would not see any investment moulds either intact or broken in your shop
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