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Re: Sculpting vs casting

I don't begrudge anyone for not performing their own mold-making/casting/welding/chasing/patination--
Foundry access is not easy to gain, but if the chance exists to have a hand in the entire process, do try it.

My first steps into casting were a literal (no-pun) trial-by-fire, where I had to learn everything... Now, I don't think handing off a wax to a foundry and returning to pick it up complete is something I'd like to do.
The entire process is a pretty worthwhile relationship. It's certainly nice to "beat up" on a piece while in a wax or clay stage, but there's also something to be said for doing so when the work is NOT so fragile.
That transition is incredibly satisfying.

The only step that continually frustrates is mold-making. At that stage, I tend to be fighting the calendar (I travel out of state to cast my work), and just want to get the dips in shell going.
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