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Re: Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth Statue - Monument to Pro-Life

After quite a lot of early publicity, this sculpture has just been unveiled to the public at the Brooklyn gallery.

These excerpts below is from one of the news reports after the unveiling. Note the comments about the artist.

Britney sculpture causes uproar
Thu Apr 6 2006

A controversial lifestyle sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth has been unveiled in a Brooklyn gallery.

The Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery has revealed the sculpture to the public showing a nude Brit kneeling on a bearskin rug whilst giving birth. [snip]

The 'art' piece has caused a political storm but Edwards is keen to explain that he purely sees Brit as a modern fertility goddess. [snip]

The sculpture isn't particularly true to faith, Britney gave birth by caesarean birth, but Edwards decided to portray it in his own way.

Edwards is no stranger to celebrity art controversy -- the artist also sculpted Ted Williams' decapitated head, which was frozen in hopes that science could one day revive the baseball hero.

Edwards has hinted his next celebrity target may be father-to-be Tom Cruise and has warned us all to stay tuned.

Click here for the full article.