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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

screwball discussion

how about:

puplic displaying of rusty art--(if I see another pile of rusting welded boxes i'll barf)

public displaying of tension cable art-----the first one held some interest--the 49th one seems trite

public displaying of red art------I mean really, who in their right mind would paint a sculpture red?

.........etc ad nausium ad infinitum

narrowing the grey zone--cultural taste matters
ithifalic statues were common in rome

seriously, you cannot compare koons' porn to ISIS
or the veteran of the persian wars
or the mermaid

i've found that the vast majority of "the public" like and appreciate "nude art"

I think that there is actually an infinite number of ways of sculpting people
5 billion of us now and rarely do you find 2 alike
and each with myriad moods and positions and attitudes
gotta be 25 billion approaches left unexplored

'course, I'm a classicist 100%
a longhair who likes longhair music and I don't mean acid rock...though I do have a fondness for celtic (read bagpipes and drums) music and detroit rock-n-roll of the late 60s

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