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Re: Sec. of Arts petition

The school attendance rate in the 1800's was usually below 50%, and that was, as you point out, for white males.

The federal education act was passed in 1870.

Railing against it is kind of like railing against income taxes- you may be right, you may be wrong, but your side lost that fight over 100 years ago.

As for a coherent national arts policy- well, thats when you hire smart people, and they look at ALL the spending, requests for spending, needs, and wants of all the arts in the country, and then they assign priorities, and act accordingly.

Most countries do this.
Not only with the arts, but most countries, especially places like Japan or Germany, have national industrial policies as well.

The alternative is not NO spending- much as you would like that, its just not possible. The alternative is disorganized, wasteful, erratic spending with no overall coordination.
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