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Re: Why Beauty Matters........

Yeah, phoney baloney! You cant cherry-pick your insides and run around brandishing a plastic "beauty" sword and expect to actually feel satisfied or actually en-route to progress. The inside is quite filled with unmentionables, undesirables, fear, unusual appetites and in-applicable motivations. Happy, happiness, joy, angst, and any silly malaise of the "soul" all crap. Whats inside of you is the absolutely unique combinations of wonder and thought (hopelessly foriegn to any other perceiver) that mixes to eventually become an experience....and THAT is what goes outside...where it becomes palpable and texturous ans massive. Some of this might be for the ants and might serve that verson of prosperity and some of it will be JUST FOR YOU. When the ants get a load of THAT stuff, well, they might be impressed or not...might be affected or not, might pillage a bit of their OWN insides as a result...or not. Doesnt matter.
Having dug deep, now slightly depleted you rest amongst them, sheltered and fed - doing your part, until its time to dig again...for the GOOD stuff...for crumbs of eternity and rawnesses and ores that give SPLENDOUR without any extraction or polishing...without the application of any damned "beauty".
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