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Re: Why Beauty Matters........

Originally Posted by Portoro View Post
What does interest me, though, is what an artist is doing when he/she is INSPIRED by the beauty they see all aound. What are we doing when we make art on this basis?
i think for me what you said hear is a good answer too that.

Originally Posted by Portoro View Post
that is, when an artist sets out to appeal specifically to some generic idea of beauty (the elegantly painted landscape; the sleek flowing lines of a female nude) ?
i think another good question is what are we doing when we work from inside ourselves? and make art not inspired by the beauty we see all around us.
but when we work from that un seeble place inside ourselfs.

there is a harder challenge to make something from inside that comes out in a well articulated manner. that is not only pleasing to ourselfs but also elicits a pleasing responce from others. in that they too find beauty or splender in what we have created.

some times they do some times they dont. when they dont who cares beauty is in the eye of the artist the only beholder that should matter to you.

that is if you are happy with it and find it pleasing.

or if it matters to you too have that recognizable thing which at some level we all probably do then keep workin on that formula.
your artistic voice or languge you might hit it just right
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