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Re: Why Beauty Matters........

Giotto (and Glenn) - I think you are right. I personally have never gone to art for 'beauty', nor do I expect to find it in art.

If we are to find beauty in the little cubist piece (previous post) it may be because we are using the word 'beauty' as a catch-all for how a work may trigger our emotional response to it.

I would also differentiate between this kind of beauty and that other kind, the 'added' stuff - that is, when an artist sets out to appeal specifically to some generic idea of beauty (the elegantly painted landscape; the sleek flowing lines of a female nude) - this is a kind of servility to formulae.

Grommet: beauty in the eye of the beholder? I don't wish to add much to this debate (as I haven't read through this thread at all), but it cannot make complete sense to assert this position. Presumably there is also some beauty in the eye of the artist as well.....

Having said all that, attached see a female nude (also cubist inspired, I’d say). In this work I see beauty, but what makes it art may not be the beauty itself, but the fascinating arrangement of forms and their relationships (and the relation of all this to the work's art context). Beauty, after all, is just out there. It’s hardly uncommon. It’s not something that art need overly concern itself with.

What does interest me, though, is what an artist is doing when he/she is INSPIRED by the beauty they see all aound. What are we doing when we make art on this basis?
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