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Re: Why Beauty Matters........

Originally Posted by Portoro View Post
OK, let's get specific: where's the 'beauty' in this gorgeous little Cubist-inspired piece?

This is the kind of bait tossed out there to get everyone arguing. Someone thinks it's beautiful someone else doesn't...this doesn't get us anywhere. I really appreciate everyones contribution and for me what I take home from it is that there are many sculptors who think "beauty" as a universal concept (subject to tight definition) does exist.

I think an important change to recognize is that the concept that once was used as a hammer on "modernist" art now is used to support it. Loaded words like "modern" "contemporary" or " beauty" are taking on new meanings. I am happy to be alive at this time where "Art" doesn't have to be "beautiful" or "new" can be ugly, meaningless, and a miserable rehashing of dithered bits which worked it's way through the artistic digestive system 300 years ago...and still be great. If it's there it's there....

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