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Re: Newspaper article on Brad and I

Thanks, Glenn! Brad and I are both really excited about this project. Brad did such an elegant job designing the site plan--he is truly gifted. Also, I have a fire chief, a fire battallion chief and two paramedics in my family, so I am particularly inspired by this project and would love to sculpt it.

We tried to give the fire fighting community everything they asked for and in a very relatable way. Although I like all of the designs, the fire fighters have said they really do want actual bronzes of fire fighters in this memorial. It's also interesting what you said, Glenn, about the other fire fighter bronze design looking like a war memorial. That sculptor has already used those very same fire fighting bronzes in a memorial in Arizona, so it definitely wouldn't be as original as what we propose.

We shall do our best for the presentation and hope for the best Thanks again for your encouragement!
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