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Re: Does anyone know what the colored finnish

Hi, Maybe that piece is supposed to look like a diamond but that doesn't change the fact that the reflective finish destroys the form.
I did not say that "finishing" doesn't have an influence on form or feeling, what I said was that those highly reflective finishes, and I might add "multiple colors" destroy the form. We are sculptors, we work in 3D forms, then to destroy them through a thoughtless application of highly reflective or multiple colors is ludicrous.
Now I grant you that if that piece of Koons is supposed to be a diamond it should be reflective, but that reflective finish still destroys the form with the result that the finish becomes the "subject" not the object upon which it is applied.
Last time I checked, sculptors were for the most part object makers.
We could also bring up Anish Kapoor's piece in Chicago, I think it's called the "Bean". Highly polished stainless and reflective surface, but, I believe that finish is part of the concept, to reflect the surroundings of its environment. What's real, what's reflection, where does the Bean end and reality begin? blah, blah, blah!
Oh, GlennT, I didn't say "not finished", just that some thought should go into those reflective finishes and what affect they will have on the sculptural form.
Louise Nevelson and Tony Smith both used "flat black" for most of their work, why?, because light, shadow and consequently form are better defined without reflections off of the surface.
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