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Re: ISC Members Outside N America

Lauren, I'll give feedback here, not a complaint, my slightly troublesome experience trying to subscrbe to ISC as international member.

The Sculpture magazine I purchased has tear-out cards for this purpose. But this is not convenient for me as I have to pay by credit card (not by local check or cheque). This means I have to put the card with the credit card number in an envelope and send by air. I have to do this at a post office as I don't know what is the postal rate.

I tried to look at the ISC website to subscribe and pay online. I can't find the webpage for this. Maybe this is not available. What I found is a form for me to print out, fill out and fax. The fax no. is there. But there is no country code.

Another interesting point, not a problem for me, is that I am over 65 and I am joining as senior international member. What I find interesting is that there is no space there to indicate my year of birth. Perhaps this is the US culture not to ask people for their age.
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