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Re: Might be buying a store

I peeled off some of the boards covering the left pillar to reveal some high quality hard brick in 2 colors, and a border formed with specially shaped bricks. I also found there are 6 windows above the display windows and door that were sheetrocked over on the inside and covered with the barnboard on the outside, they go all the way up to the 13 foot ceiling level.
If I can get a scaffold from my nextdoor neighbor who offered it, I might do some archaeology this weekend into that barnboard front!

Looking to the front from the center, the floor unfortunately has 2 layers of linoleum and that's a real mess, I think I'll be ahead of the game to just forget trying to scrap/sand to the original wood and just overlay it with underlayment and then hardwood parquet, with a couple of long runner rugs in the walking aisles or something. I can get the parquet for about $1.03/sq ft to do the 500 sq ft area I'll start with.

Looking from the center to the rear where there's what I'd call a mezzanine which is about 20 feet deep and I guess was originally used for office space. Under it is a small restroom, and the stairs to the basement. In the basement I found all 3 original doors that came from there, and 2 of them had never been painted- just varnished, and they have a sort of Art Deco style double border and panel, the original nickel plated hardware, and I only had to trim an inch off the bottoms to put them back in place- thats a new floor in the rear- linoleum over 3/4" ply, so the doors didn't fit because of the height change.
That seasick green IS the color that's there now, it's no after effects from the lighting, that's the actual color some crazy person thought would look nice on the walls in the back of the building where there's no windows and where you would want the walls to be bright and light as possible!

And then the ceiling is tin, is good condition save for a couple of spots that have rust, the dark spots of missing paint in the photo are where hangars for a suspended ceiling were hammered back when the suspended ceiling was removed by someone.

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