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Re: Panocast 160

Found it: I have seen this site before, but even though I saw the Expand It link, I guess I was looking for something else at the time and didn't pay it any mind.

Anyway, sounds like pretty much the same stuff - only a lot cheaper! To heck with the Panocast crap.

I'm thinking this makes much better sense than paying a foundry some outrageous amount to enlarge a sculpture. If I can get an enlargement on my own for a fraction of what a foundry would charge, that reduces my bronze casting expense quite a lot. Of course, I wouldn't use this method for enlarging to monumental size, which, at that scale, becomes more expensive than using a foundry. What I'm thinking of is saving on the cost of buying enough clay/foam/wax, etc. to do a sculpture of, say, two or three feet height/length. If I can sculpt at, say, 12" and use this stuff to cast an enlargement of about 20" and maybe do it again to bring my 20" piece up to 32" or so, I'd still be spending less to do that than it would cost to have a foundry do it, all while spending less on my primary sculpture medium.

One thing, though; my bathtub is the largest water-holding vessel I can come up with, but even that is somewhat limited in size, especially width-wise. So, depending upon the sculpture, there is a finite limit to how much enlargement I can handle, unless I invest in a swimming pool. Hmmm....I can see the headline now: "Huge Abstract Sculpture Capsizes Sailboat in Lake Hefner."


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