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Oh my gosh! Am I supposed to be making money? I thought making my sculpture was enough for me to do. When I started making my art back in the early 1960's I had hoped I could make some money and garner some fame from it. But I was young and naive and hopeful. Young people tend to be that way. They have not learned that one makes art because one has to make art.
It is an inner compulsion and one has not much to say about it. At least I don't.
When I realized that I was a career artist the next thought was how do I make money to survive and immediately after that was the solution, I'll teach art. All this happened in about one second. A rather pivotal second of time I'd say.
So I continue to make my art and show it in group shows. At least I get a free meal at the openings of several types of cheese, vegetables and lots of wine. I have had two one man shows in New York City. But if one does not have the backing and promotion of a good gallery with the right art writers writing all sorts of correct nonsense about my work it is just a bit of self indulgence. At least I am still alive and making sculpture. I told my children that when I die they can hold onto the art for a while and if they find the right contacts they can sell it then.
I even had my art represented by a hot shot New York City agent. Even he gave up after a few years. He complained that I was his only failure. Such is life.
So why do I make my art year after year? It is an inner compulsion. To me the best reason for making art was stated by the writer Sherwood Anderson in 1926. "The object of art is not to make salable pictures. It is to save yourself."
We have only one life, the trick is to enjoy it as much as possible.
Stephen Auslender
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