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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

Wow, long time I don`t post here. At the time I used to check in everyday. Most of my work time was dedicated to making functional iron work, and since there was little work, a lot of my spare time I employed it making sculptures. As a matter of fact, many sculptures shown in the net inspired me to copy them at first, then creating my own. The former lost sense soon but sure helped me evolved. Where on this planet you're located, who you know,the quality of your work and how many people know you, are in my view of paramount importance, as to the quantity and quality of art work a given community can take. In my case, as in most places, everyone here loves sculptures, but very few are willing to pay well for good artwork. So what you're left is an ample market niche that will buy lots of cheap art, that most probably would have to step down to a craft level. Very few sculptures I sold, as I figured I'd rather keep them before selling them dirt cheap. Things evolved and my creative drive and need to make money somehow, led me to a side of art I love and make good money on too. Namely, taking almost any decorative or arquitectural element to the art level my client is willing to pay. This meant working 15 years at least to make a name, a reputation, so that wealthy people will want YOU to do the job. Marketing myself has taken much time and effort, but is paying. Most of my clients now come from a high social status, and many of them know one another, so what happens is that I get referred by one to whom a did a NICE work and so on. At the time, I cannot handle all the work asked for. So here's what happens. prices are driven higher little by little . If I have two fellows wanting my work, I'll push my price up on one, if it doesn't work, I'll have the other client to fall back on. Usually, I dont overdo it, and the second fellow simply waits for his turn... It's a fact, we artists of this sort are among the group of people worst pay, worldwide. Here's where one has to be creative to find a confortable spot that suits both the creative instint and the material needs, $$$. Pure sculpture, is to me the maximum job I could be doing, and as I get sparetime (very seldom) no doubt I'll engage myself in the most rewarding experience an artist can have. The key thing in this DAMN globalized world economy, is marketing. An every individual must find his own strategies to make it in the "rat race" as E says. Sure, if you creative enough, you may end up being the cat in a rat race ...hopefuly there won't be too many cats or else ... I do not mean to be boastful, just assertive, but must say at times as I did, one must go through harsh hardship to somehow push through limitations and savor success. The art of living, for some leaving art, for others making a living on it. Whatever you do, be CREATIVE !

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