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Re: show?

Cooljames, yer young yet, you better learn to like going far, and going there with an overloaded complaining vehicle. Then after you've sweated and bled setting up the work you get to stand next to the cheese and baby carrots guzzling awful wine. Maybe someone like yourself will come stand next to you and inquire about which thing is yours as he picks at a bandaged finger and guzzles. You will point out into the room and say "the big one" and he will nod and ask you about the price of a sheet of 1/4 inch diamondplate. You will then extend the same courtesy to him but your inquiry is shelved as he runs off to rescue his teetering contribution. "Shoud have made it heavier" you think, as you continue to wash down those little carrots.
Then a month later on your wayback home with a smoking truck scraping the lines off the highway with the trailer-hitch, you ask yourself "was it all worth it?". The rear-view mirror is reflecting the answer to that by detailing a section of the art-load. You smile wide as the truck gasps and chokes reminding you again that nothing is too good for your babies.
Aint that how it goes guys...right I right? Aw, hell.

So lets do it at Merlions place.
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