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Re: New Statue in Seoul

Itís interesting isnít it Thatch, how some art can leave on in wonder and with greater appreciation of something and other art canÖ.well, be missed entirely as art. *L*

Agreed Loupgarou, bigger, brighter is not always better. Thereís something garish about this work which is most unappealing. Koreans are still learning about being an International cosmopolitan city and in many ways have learned prestige before actual taste. Brand names rule here, though the comprehension and respect for quality is running a bit behind. This may well stand as a monument to this learning moment in their national awakening to the world scene.

Mountshang, you have a feel for the heart of the matter. There is a culture crisis here; growing pains are evident in every quarter Ė understandably. What the city really needs is green spaces, to break up the concrete urban jungle - Lots of green spaces. A four million dollar (or 10 mil) Central Park would have been a blessing. (with statues of course )
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