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Re: What do ya all look like?

Originally Posted by Merlion
Ok, everybody. So far, who is the most handsome male member and the prettiest female member. This means we exclude the dog.
I'm beginning to see that for the most part, sculptors are a handsome lot. Can't choose one and wouldn't want to anyway cuz that's only a matter of personal taste and each one has either character (which sometimes means not so attractive but interesting looking ) or beauty in their own way.

Glad to see so many faces to put with the name and online personality. It's fun to see Steve M. We've cooresponded several times and now I know who you are! And no need for Pepto! And it was great to see the pic of Blake too - thanks for coming out of anonymity. A handsome group we have for sure.

There's more of you we'd love to see....


P.S. I think this topic really is helpful to bonding our relationships and growing as an artist, which is, in my experience, catapulted by good artist friends. Oh... and Jason popped in a pic as I was posting this. Thanks for posting- I particularly enjoy your posts because they are so well worded and poignant to whatever topic is at hand.
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