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Good Morning fellow Sculptors. I am so excited today I can hardly stand myself. For the past 7 months (winter/spring) when my figurative sculptural energies are usually at their highest and most creative, I have been side tracked with our house remodel and landscaping projects. All sculptural in their own right but my energy was sapped.
I am finally on the last stages of the landscaping and can send all these helpers away. Peace at last. I have been really concerned that I did not feel creative in the usual department and wondered if my sap had dried up forever but today I feel rejuvenated and rearing to go.
I have the first stages of my 9/11 memorial design completed. It just happened in the stroke of my pen. I had been laboring in the evenings over the first gesture I had captured. It wasnt "saying" enough but I didnt want to let go because I liked the little it was saying. I decided to add a second gesture and voila! My piece came to life.
Now I can set about building it in clay in preparation for photographing and submitting.
What is everyone else working on?
Victoria Varley
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