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Re: Bronze Clay?

Thats cool, i have been casting work for over twenty years I had my own foundry and I'm some what of an expert when it comes to casting bronze in the lost wax process. let me know if I missed something, First you cast a wax from the rubber mold, if you are not going direct one of a kind, then you clean or sculpt the wax, then you sprue and gate the wax then you create a ceramic shell mold incasing the wax, then you burn out wax from the shell then you melt the bronze at the same time you heat the now empty ceramic shell, then when the bronze is at temp you pour bronze into mold that you have placed red hot on the pour floor or in the sand vats, then when cool,you brake out shell, bead blast or sand your preference, cut cups and vents off then you chase the bronze. well there is a lot more steps within these steps but thats it in a nut shell. As you and anyone who as ever cast bronze knows the casting is very rarely perfect, at the least you have positive to chase out and most of the time you are satisfied because its a dam good casting. okay with this process you poor the bronze plus binder into the rubber, clean it up, sculpt it , so nice, no skipping, chases like soft soap stone, sand it, use small detail tools, very clean edges. after you like your piece put it into the kiln in a can with powder around it, no shell no dry time no sprues no vents no brake out, then you set the computer and the next day its done, exactly the same as when you put it in but solid bronze. about five minutes to clean up and polish a little more if you want a mirror finish, weld it what ever same as a cast piece then a patina and your done. maybe it can be done as fast cast but you would be hustling, as for selling a sculpture that has been done in this process well i have sold work for 18,000 done this way and the collectors love the fact that its done in the pilato process. The reason I am sharing this process is because I know when it gets in the hands of some artists there will be no stopping it. its so fresh and so much more can be learned who knows what materials people will try using, who knows what idea's will come, and the coolest part its affordable so we will not have to brake the bank to cast our work. the pieces bellow were done this way they took about five minutes to chase after they came out of the kiln. the last one took 4 hours because of polish. anyway this was way to hard to write, good luck, and
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