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There's another possibility for the moribund nature of this forum.

I persisted in joining in June, 2011. I am the sole, active, mallet-and-gouge
wood carver in my village. Pieces from maybe 8" to 72" with a strong Pacific Northwest influence. I had hoped that I would be able to get some real critique, warts and all. In the interim, I've tried always to make positive contributions when I felt I could do so.

In that time, I have been unable to comprehend the instructions and criteria for posting images. This site is every bit as obtuse as some others than I have resigned from. I realize fully that many, many artists here appear to have no difficulty posting images. The lack of capability rests with me. But I'm damned if I'll spend more than 8 hours a week, trying to figure it out.

To that end, I've sent some PM, hoping to learn. But, I'm very close to being tired of trying. You are welcome to surmise that I can't even get the Redial function to work on my phone.

On the other hand, there are some very vigorous and very active wood carving forums with truely global memberships, like this one. Every style you could imagine. What separates them from here is a very simple mechanism to post images. Maybe a good thing in the visual arts?

I believe that a ceramics forum is a good plan. A site with a place to welcome the beginner, those thinking of getting started and those with their first works. Moderators to slap down the participants who claim never to have been beginners.

Adios. I'm not sure I'll be back again.
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