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Re: CV writing for new artists

So this is what your gonna do... Forget about it! CV s are bullshit. I'm self taught. Did some stuff had some fun wrote it down. No one but stuck up jerks care. And the problem with stuck up jerks? They don't buy art they just sit around and talk about it.
If the work is good it's good that's it! No one can argue if your satisfied with it you make it for your self ,they like it, stroke your ego, maybe give you some cash to continue and you do it again. Your a sculptor not an author screw the writing. Make up a CV if they need one
2007 group show on Moms fridge receives critical acclaim
2008 published selected works in "Up my Ass " magazine
2009 continued group showings now at raunchy Rons and Moms kitchen
2010 break out year finalized 3dimensional design and staged gorilla show in city park ( sculpture survives for 6 days unattended) met with great response ( garbage man kept all 4 works)
2011 artist detaches from mainstream due to massive success. Fires all galleries and spits in the eye of art critic while pissing on stuck up jack ass s SUV
Tell them I said it would be ok and to just show the frigging work if they like it!
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