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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

I am a firm believer in the development of manual abilities. They are the way our works come into being. And I even believe an artist should make all his own work (you can get into trouble for that one), but paying too much attention to past masters and tradition and someone elses standards is harnessing. Before the twentieth century creative forces had few outlets in regards to medium and subject. The great ones set themselves apart anyway. But most, very much like many artists today, were hammering away in mediocrity or abject obscurity.
To some degree we are all building on works that came before us. The ones that caught our eyes and nudged us in one direction or another.
Genius has nothing to do with it. That will be decided later by someone else. It cannot be aspired to. Thats like setting off to make a "masterpiece". Besides the word genius gets tossed around enough, draped over minor achievements and memorializing untimely deaths.
Skill is nice, technical knowledge too but it can't turn craft into art. The personal relationship to the matrial, the idea and the intensity - or a purposeful lack thereof - and the execution is what will carry things.
The most important thing a teacher, at any level, can give to students is confidence and self determination - which will grow stonger with every accumulation of experience he/she brings into the art thereafter.
The reason you cannot draw boundaries is because you never know what someone might be able to do...who knows.

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