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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

Gosh folks, don't take this personally! I was responding to the misguided concept foisted at universities that anything that someone wants to calll art is art. Or that if we try to define what art is we are somehow going to put limits on some precious genius, who we can't imagine having freedom of thought if we actually pass on some accumulated wisdom first.
This is a far cry from pretending that I am the sole arbiter of standards and good taste. The work that Matt does and the methods that he teaches are not what I was addressing, nor that of other works that I may or may not personally like.

If you were alive in any time period prior to the 20th century, wanted to be an artist, and proclaimed that there are no standards, you would not be taken seriously. If that is the norm for being a 21st century artist, I am happy to not have succumb to that mindset. I do not have the arrogance to believe that I should ignore thousands of years of experience because my precious gropings in uncharted waters is superior, or what it means to truly be a 21st century artist. My ideas may not be stuck in the past, but my techniques are definitely guided and informed by those who have preceeded me.

If the youth are given a bunch of materials and asked to create, and not given any set of standards or guidelines to aspire towards, the disservice is that any result is acceptable, and they are not pushed to the limits of their creative potential. As an analogy, communism does not reward a laborer differently for excellence or for just showing up and going through the motions. So the incentive to strive and achieve mastery is missing.

You, Ironman, have acknowledged in other posts the importance of your studies in drawing and of the works of past masters. So when you explore new territory, you are doing that from a certain amount of wisdom. You have internalized a standard of excellence with which to measure your own work. My concern is that standard and that wisdom is not being passed on to the next generation. It has nothing to do with my own tastes in art, and everything to do with passing on a legacy of value for others to do with what they will.

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