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Re: Sculpting vs casting

I also love the casting process although it can drive me nuts most of the times. Mantrid is right the moment when you start opening the investment Ö..magic. I think my main reason for doing the casting myself is that in the back of my mind I knew that none of my sculptures would have made it to the bronze stage if I did not do it myself. Sculpting for me is just a hobby at this stage but you all know itís very expensive, so for me to pay x amount to a foundry would not have worked.

My other concern is that I am still not happy with my first couple of attempts but I can re-melt and try again. If I did it at a foundry I would be stuck with a sculpture I did not really like. I also understand what Glenn is saying and if sculpting becomes my main source of income or a commission then I would also focus more on the actual sculpting and leave the casting to the experts. I will also make use of a foundry if my sculpture exceeds 40cm.
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