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Rolling Ball Sculptures

Rolling Ball Sculpture by Artist Andrew Smith. Each piece is a one of a kind amalgam of found objects and engineering. High Rise Billiards was commissioned by a private collector in Chicago, and was installed in 2007.

This massive 40 foot long rolling ball sculpture no longer exists. It’s remnants sit in a pile of scrap behind the artist’s studio. Originally built in 2003 and displayed through 2004, “Portal” was nothing short of an overwhelming endeavour.
Using scrap metal and found objects this amalgam of “junk” transformed into a truly unique piece of art. With several different ball lifts sending the 1 inch ball bearings from one side of the room to another, weaving, diving, and looping throughout the structure.
After it’s final display in 2004, it was cut apart and “shelved” only to be used as fodder for various other sculptures.
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