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Re: Florence Biennale 2005

Sorry to have disappeared lately, I have had my head down creating, as I have a show coming up. But generally I think that fused has nailed it on the head.

This is a “Vanity” show, which is not to say that there is not good artwork displayed there, it just means that the artist pays to participate and the exposure to the public and the art critics and media is limited.
Net working opportunities are very good if you would like to meet other artists. The cost of participation is quite high, Florence is not a cheap city to visit, but it depends on how you can arrange it.

As fused said:
“This Biennial is notorious for mass solicitations of artists” the organizers make their living putting on this show and related activities. It is a business and the artist is the client.
“It is more about people paying to show than the quality of the work.” There is no jury, if you pay the entrance fee you can participate. Some of the artwork is of very questionable quality without doubt, and some is very very good, but no one who pays the fee is refused.

“If you are looking to advance a young artistic career the merits of this show might not be the best way to spend your money.”

I can say that I have benefited from this exhibition by having met some wonderful artists who have become friends and this is worth allot in my opinion. Further, Florence was a wonderful holiday destination and I was inspired by several pieces of art that I saw at the exhibition, and many that I saw in the museums and in public in Florence.
I can not say that it has advanced my career at all but it was allot of fun and you get a nice catalogue as apart of the fee. Value for money is low in my opinion, but perhaps you have a friend that you could stay with and you can lower the costs of staying in Italy. Some artists said that they met some people in the arts industry, galleries and magazines, but this was not included in my experience.

Hope this helps
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