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Re: Florence Biennale 2005

> more than the head Renaissance historian figured out

Blake ---

I'm wondering if you had a critique by Biennale Director John T Spike that disappointed you. Dr Spike generously schedules as many of these for individual artists as time permits him, and an eager crowd travels through the exhibition with him to hear his reviews, which were translated into Italian by an intern as he spoke. I lingered near the edge of a few of these performances to get the flavor of them. Like many of us, his comments and intuitions may not have always been correct. They were nearly always thought provoking.

Incidentally, those artists who took advantage of his generosity with his opinions were part of a limited window of opportunity which may well have closed now, as Dr. Spike defers to a new director for the next Florence Biennale, in 2007.

I'm glad you enjoyed ArtSceneAK. Redemptoris Custos is in the catalog under Donald R Ricker.
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