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Re: Florence Biennale 2005

HI Steve

I've just joined the forum! I too was at the Biennale and met Blake and Steve. I agree with Blake that it is a certain type of show and if you are really thinking about going ask advice before you go from various artists who have been there. The undeniable core benefit is friendship and contact with artists from all over the world. For example I wouldn't have known about this sculpture forum if Blake hadn't mentioned it and I have to say I've enjoyed trawling through all the threads that I've read so far. Marketing yourself at the Biennale is an art in itself..and is in some ways a very hit and miss affair. I wouldn't (personally) go through the experience again as I felt the core intention of the exhibition rather wayward, un-clear and truthfully about easy money for the organisers.(that is not to say the benefits of saying you had exhibited there and the people you met were of no importance) I learned a lot but then I'm starting out as a sculptor and not in Blakes position. I think then I would have been slightly misplaced and a little bit disappointed. Ohhh its good to get your views down!

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