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Cool Re: Sec. of Arts petition

Yes, I think there needs to be redirections to art. The higher universities and arts management put out art for artists. Everything can be art, we can dig holes in the ground and call it art. Which i think is one side of the spectrum but we need art for the people. Art for coal miners art for children. Art that reaches the heart of this country. I do not think art needs to be abstaract and esoteric to be art. Art is thought provoking and/ beautiful and many other things: it represents our culture and generation.

I do not agree with censorship, but i think artists should have ethics. People hurt dogs and call it art. I guess you can call it what you want the community of artists is responsible for putting down "unethical" projects. What ethics should we follow? It is for us to decide. For me: don't hurt animals, do not mass produce, know your medium and do not hurt people.

Art can be many things, it would be nice if "Sculpture" mag. would show more than just art for artists. That would be a good start!

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