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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

Australian performance artist Stelarc has an exhibition here in Adelaide until end of June at the Experimental Art Foundation, and one of his current works is an artificial ear that he is growing in one of his arms (yep!)

See for info. Stelarc has been famous for hanging his nude body suspended by hooks piercing his skin; controlling mechanical limbs attached to his body; making videos of the inside of his body made by 'swallowing' (for lack of a better description) small video camera devices like those used in keyhole surgery.

I've always been amazed by his work - what someone will do in the name of art. I heard him talk about his work a year or more ago here in Adelaide and it was fascinating. He refers to his body in the third person.

And he has the best laugh you've ever heard!
Rick Clise
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