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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

Alright, fellow sculptors, you are invited to a dinner at my studio. It will be the "Culinary Arts, Anything Goes Dinner"

Those of you who believe that art is about class envy and politics, go sit in the other room with the serfs. The rest of us kings and queens can't be bothered.

Those following the figurative tradition will be served lasgna, a tossed salad, carrots and kale, and a rice dish.

The abstract sculptors will have the same meal, except we will be mixing it all in a blender first.

For the found object artists, we will be serving fillet of compressed and dehydrated squirrel with a garnish of deflated tennis balls and cigarette butts.
Last year's autumn leaf salad with rusty beer cans with be followed by a desert of broken CD covers and old socks.

For the concept artists, imagine a dinner with you enjoying it...words don't begin to describe it!

The minimalists will be served a nice big bowl of steam.

The computer artists will be served hologram stew, which I understand is both low fat and low carb.

The performance artists will be performing for your entertainment, and those who have smeared themselves with chocolate will be available for dessert.

The deconstructionists unfortunately will be missing the meal, but get to do the dishes.

Any questions?

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