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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

Hi Glenn, You don't seem to understand that the concept of what can BE art has and continues to change radically. We're F-ing dinosaurs for Christ sake. Object making, although still in vogue can in todays world be ANYTHING!
The art of the past didn't have to compete with radio, 500 channel television, video, computers, movies, etc. All it had to do for many many years was please a pope or a king.
Today, in the face of all that techno media, art is just trying to find a place to have some impact and relevance to society.
"can't be" and "can't do" are EVIL WORDS. Anything CAN be art and the " ANYTHING GOES" approach IS the correct one.
I for one, and I think we'd agree here, don't think that the anything goes approach means that mindless and inane bullshit is acceptable as art. There is, in my opinion plenty of that crap in traditional, contemporary and cutting edge (so called) art.
Where we differ, I think, is in our ideas of what "mindless and inane bullshit" IS.
I don't think that the artists in question are lazy or without skills, they're just different and their approach to art making IS NOT our approach and their skills may very well be DIFFERENT from ours.
How do you know that these students can't draw, don't know anything about art history, have no background, etc. You're just assuming that since what they're presenting as art doesn't FIT your criteria, they must be lazy ignorant undisciplined bastards trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
I LIKE PEOPLE and being a New Yorker, I trust my street smarts and have at least one pessimistic, skeptical eye open for the hoax. (I avoid 3 card monte also) But, I like to trust and believe in people, their goodness and sincerity until of course, faced with facts to the contrary. I also have faith in the youth of this world that although they're certainly not like us (we weren't like our parents either), the future of art as well as life is in as good hands as it's ever been (scary thought, huh!).
have a great day,
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