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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

Many years ago I read that the word " art " comes from the latin root word " ar " which means " arm " and " to put together ". I forget why the T was added but I think it has to do with the word " tech ". In the beginning "art" was a general term that could be applied to every one, However not every one wanted to be associated with those who worked with their arms and put things together because that's what slaves did. To be an artist was to be a slave, then bloody revolution, the destruction of the ruling class, and then the elevation of the artisan class. Once artist had a say in political matters, the business of artist became political. The slave class then emulated their oppressors and developed a caste system, replete with rules and proper modes of conduct. The battle continues to this day. The artisan class will always produce revolutionaries who wish to have a piece of the pie and a say in political matters. There's just something about the experience of gaining a sense of control over materials that emboldens a person to seek social control. It's a vicious cycle. Because effective propoganda relies heavily on artisan derived technologies, ideas and working methods, there has always been a door open for artist to get close to the center of political action (the money, the luxuries, the chicks ). I think many artist are tempted to beat a path to that door however many see the temptation for what it is and choose instead to not get involved. Both have kids. They teach them different things yet for many reasons the will to power regardless of it's origins assert itself and for good our bad parents think they're responsible.

I have alot more thoughts on the subject but I'm still very much a slave and have to get back to the studio. Perhaps if I'd had a better upbringing I would have more slack and work would be optional.
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