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Re: Bio-artists bridge gap between arts, sciences

Its one of those universal truths that you will find supporters for any position you want, even if you are lying to yourself about the most serious of matters.. The truth can be a lie and vice versa...for some people. Of course the better you are at lying the more support you'll get. How will history treat it? How will history revise itself over time? Who knows? So you can use terms like incursion, invasion, police action, military support, extreme prejudice, ultimate sacrifice, sanctions, sorties, exploration, relocation, extermination, genocide etc...all short of using the words "kill" or "war" and yet we all know what we're talking about because people never stop killing. The evidence is there...centuries of countless piles of dead bodies. And for all of history the growth of the pile has never slowed.. So what people do is dance around some terms and make them more polite or palatable. Now in regards to Bush, I mean art, we can't even define the word..." art". And, the evidence that we do indeed enjoy making and viewing it, yet can not get closer to defining it never has stopped piling up.

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